What To Bring

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Items you should bring:

•Casual and comfortable clothing (no more than one 2 suitcases). Laundry facilities, including supplies, are available for use.

•Insurance card and identification (driver’s license or state-issued ID).

•If you smoke cigarettes, please bring your own (a carton, etc.)

•Reading materials

•Any electrical items, such as hair dryers, curling irons or electric shavers will be checked for safety.

What to Leave at Home:

Upon admission, a search of belongings is done to protect our patients from drugs or contraband entering the facility. Please do not bring the following:

•Non-prescription medications (i.e., Advil, Tylenol etc.), vitamins, herbs or nutritional supplements.

•Excessive or expensive jewelry.

•Exercise equipment, craft materials, or irons.

•Shoe polish, soap, detergent or bleach.

•Glass items.

•Straight razors, razor blades, pocketknives, knitting needles, crochet hooks, or metal hairpieces.

•Aerosol products, including deodorant and hairspray.

•Products containing alcohol (i.e., mouthwash, aftershave, facial toner, perfume, perfumed lotions, etc.)

•Illegal substances or mood-altering drugs.

•Firearms and/or supplies.