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How sober living can help individuals struggling with drug and alcohol abuse maintain long term recovery

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Seeing the big picture of a sober lifestyle can be challenging at the beginning stages of a recovery journey. For many of those struggling with alcohol abuse or drug addiction, considering a life free of substances is daunting until skills are in place to understand how long-term sobriety can be applied to day-to-day life. At the Recovery Institute of Ohio, we believe that with support and the right resources, long-term sobriety does not have to be overwhelming! The truth is, it is simply another step on the healing journey.

Maintaining sobriety is a process, and at Drug Rehab Ohio, we ensure each of our patients is equipped with the tools needed for the part of the journey that they are on – from early recovery that includes detox and medical care, to long-term recovery which teaches coping skills and addresses mental health concerns. Our goal is to prepare our patients for whatever part of the journey they encounter next.

When it comes to long-term sobriety, sober living homes provide a tremendous resource that allows for support and guidance to prevent physical relapse, mental relapse, and develop skills for a lifetime of healthy decisions, and are often a crucial stepping stone for lifelong wellness and sobriety.

Long Term Sobriety: A Journey, Not a Destination

At Recovery Institute of Ohio, we believe in providing the resources and skills necessary for various parts of substance abuse treatment. Once an individual is sober, has mental and physical health needs cared for, and is addressing the root of their substance abuse issues, it is time to learn coping skills for long-term health and wellness.

Lifelong healing comes from being open to additional recovery opportunities as they arise. Instead of viewing sobriety as a journey an individual arrives at, we prefer to see sobriety as a continual work in progress that builds on the foundation of skills learned early in addiction treatment.

Utilizing Resources for Combating Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Resources such as AA or NA, community support groups, and sober living environments strengthen recovery efforts by allowing individuals to practice the skills they have learned in early recovery by connecting with like-minded individuals. This concept of camaraderie and friendship is helpful in holding each other accountable and creating connection – two mandatory aspects of long-term sobriety.

Skills for Long-term Sobriety

Sober living homes, such as those offered at the Recovery Institute of Ohio, provide a safe place to practice coping skills, be honest about mental health struggles, and create relationships that can be positive and uplifting during triggering situations. Some of the skills and benefits gained from participation in sober living homes include:

Increased Responsibility and Flexibility in a Safe, Sober Environment.

For those who do not have a reliable or supportive home life, sober living provides a welcoming place to practice coping skills and strengthen sobriety for long-term recovery. A sober life is challenging – but being surrounded by individuals who support your goals makes this lifestyle much easier to accommodate.

Access to 12 Step Programs and Other Support Groups

Developing positive routines and habits, such as attending 12 step programs or other support groups can provide tremendous help when an individual is faced with a triggering situation. These support groups allow individuals to voice concerns and lessons learned when combating alcohol and drug abuse.

An Uplifting, Sober Community

This is not a journey you must take alone! Connecting with others on a similar path, and sharing successes and struggles can be one of the most rewarding parts of long-term sobriety.


The Power of Community and a Sober Life

It has been said that it takes a village to raise a child. At Recovery Institute of Ohio, we believe it takes a community to truly heal. If you or a loved one is curious about the next steps necessary to experience long-term sobriety, reach out to us at any time to learn more about a recovery program that fits your needs.

We are happy to provide you with resources that are fit for the stage of recovery you or your loved one is currently in. For those who previously completed substance abuse treatment and are looking for a way to strengthen the skills learned in early recovery, sober living in Ohio may be an excellent solution.

Whatever part of the healing journey you find yourself on, the Recovery Institute of Ohio is here to walk beside you as you develop a healthy lifestyle. We look forward to connecting with you soon.

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Reviewed by Jessica Kitchen

Jessica Kitchin is the Clinical Program Manager/Primary Therapist at Recovery Institute of Ohio. She received her Master’s Degree in Addiction Counseling from Grand Canyon University. Jessica believes that the best part of her job is knowing that she is apart of creating a safe, healthy, nonjudgmental environment where people can come and better their lives. "There is nothing more satisfying than helping others learn to live again and piece their lives back together as they become strong, productive members of society. Together, we can bring families back together and promote healing and wellbeing.

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