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At Recovery Institute of Ohio we dedicate ourselves to find the most appropriate level of care. Each person has a specific and unique background and the treatment plan must match.

To achieve the optimal recovery process a thorough assessments is conducted as part of the admissions process. Pre-screening assessments can be done over the phone in order to determine the appropriateness of placement. After that pre-screen, an in-person assessment may be scheduled. Depending on the severity, the pre-screen may be bypassed and participants may be asked to come in for a full face-to-face assessment immediately.

During these assessments, qualified professionals will work with you to gather all pertinent background information in order to ensure that a full understanding of your presenting concerns is obtained. That information will be reviewed by clinical staff members and a determination will be made about whether or not our programs is the best fit for you or your loved one. Insurance benefits can be verified at this time as well, and the process of getting you or your loved admitted into the appropriate program will begin.

If it is determined that Recovery Institute of Ohio will not fully meet all of your needs, we will work with you in order to find appropriate placement elsewhere.

Treatment specialists are waiting to hear from you.