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Sober living provides a smooth transition for those in recovery who have completed a residential treatment program. Sober living is an ideal choice for clients to have a safe, secure environment that allows them to adjust back to daily life. Since getting out of recovery can be difficult for many individuals, sober living is an optimal environment for clients to continue to practice what was learned during inpatient rehab.

Recovery Institute of Ohio offers treatment programs for those who are looking to pursue recovery from substance abuse disorders as well as mental health problems. Our sober living options provide clients with a supportive, sober home while they transition back into their normal environment.

What is Sober Living?

Sober living is considered shared housing with other individuals who are at similar stages of their recovery process and are also sober. This type of housing is essentially a bridge to help facilitate the transition back into their daily lives.

Sober living serves as a safe, sober space between an inpatient facility and the individual’s normal living environment. After clients completes a residential treatment program, many choose to live in a sober living environment before immediately returning to their homes.

What is the Difference Between Sober Living and a Halfway House?

While sober living homes and halfway homes provide living environments that are drug-free and alcohol-free, there are distinct differences between the two housing types. While halfway houses typically have a limit on the number of months a resident can stay there, sober living homes offer more flexibility on the length of time someone can stay as long as they are following the house rules and continue to pay rent.

Additionally, halfway houses tend to require residents to complete an inpatient treatment program prior to moving into the house. And while many people who live in a sober living home have completed an inpatient program, it is not a requirement.

What are the Benefits of Sober Living for Addiction Recovery?

Adjusting back into daily life can be troublesome for many during their path to recovery, especially after leaving their residential program.

Sober living offers multiple benefits, including:

  • Provides a Safe, Sober Living Environment: 

    Each person in a sober living home is on their path to recovery and abstaining from drugs and alcohol, which creates a supportive environment for all individuals that live there.

  • Increased Flexibility and Independence:

    Individuals have less structure than the residential treatment program, which gives them opportunities to make use of the lessons they have learned during inpatient treatment and finely tune their coping skills.

  • Offers a More Gentle Transition:

    Sober living encourages a continued path of sobriety with a more phased-approach to recovery than if the individual were to immediately return back to their normal living environment (moderately increasing the exposure to potential triggers).

  • Provides Access to 12-Step Programs:

    Most sober living homes in Toledo, Ohio provide access to 12-step meetings within the home, making these meetings easy to attend.

  • Provides a Support System:

    Sober living provides residents with access to a community of other individuals who are also living a drug-free and alcohol-free lifestyle. This can be very motivating for residents during their recovery process and can help to build community.

What Can I Expect From a Sober Living House?

While staying in a sober living house in Toledo, Ohio, individuals have independence and flexibility with their schedule and time. They can go to work, go out with friends or family, engage in social activities, and resume their normal responsibilities. Sober living homes do have curfews that residents are required to follow, as well as mandatory attendance to certain group meetings that take place within the home regularly.

The exact amount of time that is spent in a sober living home is unique for each individual based on their recovery needs. Most clients stay for at least 90 days but could stay longer if needed.

Who Should Move into a Sober Living Home?

Those that have recently completed a residential treatment program and have concerns about remaining sober upon returning to their normal lives will benefit from moving into a sober recovery environment. Sober living homes can also be a good fit for those who would like a more flexible rehab program that enables them to keep going to work and maintain their employment.

Need Help Finding a Sober Living Home in Toledo, Ohio?

If you are ready to successfully transition into a sober living environment, Recovery Institute of Ohio can help you transition into the home that is right for your needs and treatment.

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