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Patrick Murray

Director of Operations


Born and raised in Demarest, New Jersey, Patrick’s early years were spent surrounded by two loving parents and a brother who was 10 years older than him. With such a large age gap between them, Patrick often felt like an only child, which could be lonely at times.

Baseball and golf were always his passions growing up. Fortunately, he was able to pursue them in college, but it was at that time that he realized his challenges with learning, confidence and self-esteem. These challenges quickly began to consume him. Patrick was able to develop friendships with classmates and teammates, but it was on the field and the course that he felt most comfortable, by himself.

Shortly after starting college, he began taking opioids and over the course of a year, segued to heroin addiction. Constantly lying and stealing money from his family began to take over his life. Patrick was completely losing control. Of course, he didn’t recognize the negative behavior at the time. He wanted to feel GOOD, STRONG, LOVED, and above all, he wanted to “LIKE” himself. Sadly, his addiction gave him a false sense that all of those things were true.

Blessed with two incredible parents, they did everything in their power to help me. This involved a move to Florida where he entered into a treatment center. Taking this first step is what saved Patrick’s life. It was then that he realized he had two new passions in life – recovery and helping others. From that point on, Patrick has been dedicating his life to recovery and helping others cope with and work through their struggles.

With more than five years of sobriety, he learned a lot about the process of recovery, and experienced so much growth, both personally and professionally. Nate has been a tremendous mentor to Patrick, along with his close friends that he considers family.

Patrick packed up his clubs and left the warm Florida sunshine because he knew Sandusky needed his help, and he is prepared to help as many people as possible.

As Director of Operations, Patrick is involved in every aspect of the daily functions that make the Recovery Institute a loving and productive home. This is where Patrick belongs, and he is excited to bring hope and meaningful change to the area.

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